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      Introduction of Chinese Shooting Association

      Chinese Shooting Association is a non-profit, national incorporated society for Shooting. It is a corporate member of the All-China Sport Federation (ACSF) as well as recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee. Founded on 1956, Chinese Shooting Association is based in Beijing. It aims to unite all Shooting members, enthusiasts and staff nationwide, and to promote the development of Shooting in China, to strengthen close relations and cooperation with international Shooting organizations, to enhance friendship and exchanges with all Shooting associations of the world....


      Junior World Cup closes with Australia’s Wallace claiming the Trap Men Gold, Russia finishes atop t
      Jack Wallace of Australia beat Italy’s Simone D’Ambrosio in the Gold medal match of the Trap Men Junior, the conclusive event of the ISSF Junior World Cup in Gabala. In the final medal standings the Russian Federation preceded India and Norway.…
      The second ISSF Junior World Cup of the year started today in Gabala
      Almost 300 hundred junior athletes will compete for the 36 individual and team Gold medals at the Gabala Shooting Club.…

      Contact Us

      • Address: A3, Futiansi, Shijingshan District Beijing 100144, China
      • Tel:(86-10) 88962277-6019
      • Fax:(86-10) 88964197


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